Are you een geweldige schrijver die bruist van de ideeën? Is the Dutch language your playground? Can you create effective copy that converts? If you’re an ambitious copywriter with flair, this is the job for you.

You’ll help us to communicate strategically while connecting with our potential customers on an emotional level.

In that light, the written word is rather remarkable, allowing us to describe our service while tapping into what makes us human.

About Getir

We’re Getir, the pioneers of super-fast delivery. We deliver groceries from sandwiches to shampoo, dog food to beer, in an average of ten minutes.

Founded in 2015, we now deliver hundreds of thousands of orders a day from more than 300 locations in the United Kingdom and Turkey.

In 2021, we plan to rock the streets and doorsteps of several cities across the world, including Amsterdam (hallo!), spreading the experience and wonder of seamless, super-fast delivery that simply works for everyone.

For this position, we are open to full-time and part-time employment, as well as independent contractors.

What you’ll do

  • Write words. Lots of them. You’ll write digital media posts, promo notifications, mini video-scripts, email marketing, internal communications, and whatever else might be required.
  • Create excellent content. Go beyond what you’ve been asked to write. Be a bit radical. Think outside the box. No wait, disregard the box entirely!
  • We might not publish all of your wild ideas, but that doesn’t mean we want you to stop coming up with them. Keep shooting for the stars (but without the cliché!)
  • Bring your personality and humanity to the workplace, whether that’s the meeting room, the slack channel, or the Zoom call. Simply be you.

What we’d like

  • 3+ years of copywriting experience, preferably in startup/consumer brand environments
  • An extensive grasp on the Dutch language, with the ability to resonate with Amsterdammers
  • A strong grasp on culturally-relevant sayings and idioms.
  • Dutch as a native language, remarkable fluency in English.


  • Creativiteit. You are bruist van de ideeën!
  • Techniques for battling with writer’s block. It’s OK, it happens to all of us.
  • Curiosity in all aspects of a startup. We’re new to Holland and everyone is welcome to share their ideas

What Getir offers

  • A once-in-a-career opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing mobile-commerce businesses in Europe on our startup journey in The Netherlands
  • The rare chance to work in a vibrant and energising startup culture and develop your commercial skills for the digital future of retail
  • Career development opportunities. We really mean it when we say this. Upward and sideways mobility are some of our favourite terms. Our ambitions go beyond Amsterdam, with our eyes set on becoming an international success story that also enables and fosters stories of success on the individual level.