Founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015, Getir is the fastest on-demand mobile retailer in the world. Getir’s main purpose is to make everyone’s life easier by giving them the ultimate convenience. Every day we deliver thousands of goods from milk, to diaper; from ice cream to detergent. Yet, beside everything else, we deliver the most essential thing that every human being in this planet needs: Time.

Getir actually is 70% a technology, 20% a retail and 10% a logistics company. By building an excellent technology we are able to deliver so fast, make efficient marketing and handle a complex supply chain system.

Getir is growing fast and is looking for talented, motivated professionals to add to the team. Please submit your resume and let us know how you can contribute to our growth!

  • Employee discount

  • Remote-working options

  • Company doctor & dietician

  • Slack is cool

  • Weekly optional informal trainings

  • Travel within Getir locations