We’re Getir, the pioneers of super-fast delivery. We deliver groceries such as sandwiches to shampoo, dog food to beer, in an average of ten minutes. Founded in 2015, we now deliver hundreds of thousands of orders a day from more than 300 locations in the United Kingdom and Turkey. While this is incredibly valuable for the millions of users we have, operationally it is also an incredibly difficult task. However, it’s a difficult task that we happily embrace. It requires a great deal of on-the-ground work related to retail. We’re in the business of retail, without being standard retail.

Having recently successfully launched our business in London, we’re on the move and looking to expand. Proximity is an important aspect of our business, and finding the right locations can be a daunting task. However as an organization, we’re quite good and either enjoying these difficult tasks or finding ways to make them easier. Understanding how a city operates is also important for our business, so that we may adapt to its realities. Therefore, we are always looking to onboard new, awesome people with local experiences to join our team on this adventure.
If you’ve spent years in the real estate and/or property development/management industry in the New York City, you’re the person we’re looking for!

Here are some details about the job:

What You’ll Do At Getir:

  • Leverage your existing network and insights of the to find properties that are suitable for the unique Getir business model
  • Over time, build and develop a team that is able to source property candidates swiftly and efficiently.
  • Oversee the operational aspects of getting a property from candidacy to up and running, coordinating with relevant legal counsels, regulators, and company stakeholders wherever necessary. Own the process.
  • Do not take for granted existing time frames for doing business. Always try to find a way to do things faster. Speed is our currency here at Getir.
  • As previously mentioned, own the whole process in getting a place up and running. If this includes hiring, lend a hand. If it includes indirect purchasing, take the initiative. We don’t operate with limited responsibilities here at Getir but rather focus on getting stuff done.
  • While taking one property from it’s second to third stage, still be initiating the first stage for new properties. You’ll be expected to go to multiple sites, and will be provided the means to do it.

What Getir Expects From You:

  • Enjoy being out on the field, that hustle and bustle.
  • An appreciation for the challenging yet wonderful city that is New York City.
  • Great communication and negotiation skills. Getting the right place, and the right conditions, can often be a matter of whether the communication is done well or not.
  • Go beyond just your area of expertise and provide valuable insights and opinions about other areas related to the business and the team. We’ll operate with a small-team startup mindset so everyone’s invited to bring all of themselves to work everyday.
  • A bias towards action and getting things done. Strategy is great, but quite meaningless if not executed upon. Develop both a strategy for property development, and execute upon it.

What Getir Offers:

  • The once in a lifetime chance to work in a people-first startup environment, in a business that is set to revolutionize how people shop for their groceries.