We're Getir, the pioneers of super-fast delivery. Groceries delivered in 10 minutes. It’s a unique value proposition that we’ve perfected over the years. We believe that such a service will be valued around the world. While our story started off in Turkey, we’re currently expanding internationally. We recently launched Getir in London, and it’s going incredibly well, to be honest. As the pioneers of this model, we’re compelled to also become the market leaders in the major markets in the world, thus we’ll quickly be expanding into the US market, starting off in New York City, Chicago and Washington DC.

We’re backed by some of the most prestigious VCs in the world, and recently reached that unicorn status. Yet, we still sit at the edge of our seats. Arguably, we’re not even halfway through with this epic adventure that we set out on. The best is still yet to come. However, we know very well that what got us here won’t get us there. There’s a lot of knowhow we bring to the table, having mastered the intricacies of super-fast delivery throughout the years, yet local markets warrant local talent and different ways of doing things. We must tweak that recipe, taking into account local dynamics, to ensure rapid success. That’s where a local leader, someone who raises our already-high bar, someone who challenges us, and someone who inspires those around them comes into play. An entrepreneurial Country GM that wants to take that next step in the career and join us in this rather crazy yet incredibly fun adventure.

What You’ll Do At Getir

  • Act like the business is yours. Take ownership (you’ll also technically be a part-owner!) of the success of the business in the US as if it’s the most important job you’ve ever done in your career.
  • Lead by example. Be the people that everyone in the national organization looks up to by going beyond typical management and strategy. Go out and get stuff done, executing where necessary. In the best restaurants, the owner will happily clean your table if need be. That’s the mentality we have at Getir.
  • Work with the founders of Getir, immediately becoming their go-to-person for all things related to the US. These are challenging, unordinary, yet fun people. Did we mention they’re challenging?
  • Demonstrate an endless passion for week-over-week growth, while never letting go of the safety/sustainability aspect of the business, while also having an eye on the P&L that you personally will be responsible for. Wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said that half the job is balancing this and that.
  • Be both the Chief Fire Extinguisher and the Chief Problem Creator. Put out fires before they become damaging forest fires, but also create positive problems by creating new challenges for the business to solve.
  • Sub in for the Heads of Operations, Supply Chain, Marketing, Buying, and more whenever necessary. Form a leadership team with said people that takes Getir to the next level in the US market.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Established success previously building and scaling consumer-facing businesses in the US market.
  • A local mindset for the US of A! Know what makes people tick and how we ought to best adapt our business and brand to the realities on the ground.
  • Previous experience owning a P&L and managing HQ-based stakeholders.
  • Mobility to travel to occasionally travel to HQ and throughout the US as we expand.
  • The ability to manage varying levels of unavoidable stress that comes with launching and scaling a business in a new market.
  • Experience in recruiting, building teams, and simply being a good human that members in the organization look up to.
  • Beyond-great communication skills. Whether you’re communicating to the team or to the press, genuine communication goes an incredibly long way.
  • A bias for action and getting stuff done.
  • Very strong analytical skills. You’ll have access to a lot of data and will be expected to make the best out of that.
  • A good, preferably fun, personality. We wouldn’t go through all this stress if it weren’t fun on a day to day basis.