Millions of unique users with unique habits. An already-ridiculous level of daily orders that just grows and grows. A culture of ethically collecting data wherever possible to best augment users’ experience and the efficiency of processes. A habit of actively trying new approaches and technologies. A 40+ strong team of data scientists and data engineers. A company with ambitions that arguably exceed its (current) capabilities.

That’s what we have to offer to any brave soul who dares to fill the role of something we’re missing: a Chief Data Officer.

We’re Getir and we’re basically a bunch of talented, ambitious, and unique people. Over time, we’ve built a small ecosystem of tech products that ethically collect data in order to both optimize and do new things. We’ve got ambitions such as expanding beyond Turkey, and entering new business verticals. Oh, and we want to do that while being one of, if not the best data-utilizing companies in our market. Sounds fun, right?

You will:

  • Take the helm of an already highly functional, relatively established data department with a plethora of data.
  • Orchestrate the process of determining data collection points, how they’re analyzed, and how they’re best used for meaningful results.
  • Lead without really trying. For good leaders, we believe it’s rather effortless.
  • Not limit yourself to orchestrating, but rather play the numerous instruments when needed, diving into technical tasks when necessary. We believe the best way to lead is to be exposed to the various tasks that your followers do on a daily basis.
  • Not just ‘recruit.’ Find people that make those around them, including yourself, better.
  • Work closely with Founders and a heap of demanding department heads with an almost-religious respect to data.
  • Be the Chief Officer of Data, but go beyond data. Rather than merely focusing on the numbers, this job is also about the humane elements surrounding data and the business. It’s the not-so-quantifiable-nor-tangible elements, that when handled well, enable greatness.

Possible Match-Making Qualifications

  • Many years within the areas of Data Management, Data Analytics, or Data Science.
  • A proven Getir-worthy track record managing a sizable population of bright and demanding data-lovers.
  • Experience founding or working within a startup is undeniably nice.
  • An ability to go from one extreme to another. Know when to focus on the minute, and when to prioritize the grand.
  • A mind that works differently, strategically, and critically.
  • People skills geared towards resolving conflicts and rapid decision-making.
  • A sense of urgency. After all, we are the fastest delivery app in the world…
  • A sense of humor. Funny people are fun to be around.
  • English to the level where you can lead your department in English, as recruitment is not geographically restricted.
  • That feeling deep inside of you that you have not yet unleashed the best version of yourself.


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