Social Media Executive

We live in interesting times, with the omnipresence of social media offering a different opportunity for brands like GetirYemek. Brands, once distant, out of reach, and cold are now able to be the exact opposite: close, reachable, and warm. While there is a fine line between brands and humans, the ability to somewhat represent ourselves as a near-person through social media is incredible. It empowers us at GetirYemek to ensure successful experiences for our users. Social media enables us to provide individually-relevant content that best provides GetirYemek’s benefits, so you too can benefit from the ease of super-fast delivery. We’re a Tweet, a story, a post, DM, a tag away from both sharing our valuable stories and insights, as well as hearing about your experiences, both the positive and negative. It’s hard being a good brand at heart, but we’ve been that since day one. Getting that brand to engage across various social media channels is an objective we continue to work on. Join us on the GetirYemek adventure as a Social Media Executive if you’d like to further the GetirYemek brand by ethically utilizing the opportunities of social media.

What You’ll Do:

  • Own our social media channels. Take great diligence and pride in being both a caretaker of the channels, as well as the representative voice.
  • Lead possible digital engagement & integration projects, follow up on the regarding project’s performance
  • Follow the daily trends and leverage the concepts to create best out of it in terms of reaction & engagement for the brand
  • Set up and oversee processes that enable the 24/7 responsible management of our social media channels. No tweeting from happy hours!
  • Work to create content and responses that are genuine, responses that you would want to hear as a user yourself.
  • Have fun working with awesome people. We mean it. Like really.
  • Push back against ‘corporate’ sayings if and when they are suggested. Do your very best to protect and further develop the GetirYemek’s tone.
  • Work closely with the marketing team in the development and distribution of content relevant for social media. Push back if you don’t think that it’s relevant.
  • Adapt and develop new strategies for our social media. The present is always temporary.
  • Create on your own when possible. We’ll have copywriters but you too should have the copywriter hat you can put on yourself when needed (this advert was not written by a copywriter!)
  • Develop and present insights regarding where Social Media is going. Should we be on the Tik and Tok? Should we continue as is? We don’t want to be the 37th company to take up ‘New Trend X’, so we often pass on those. Get us in at the early stages. Start ‘New Trend Y’ if possible!

What GetirYemek Expects:

  • Min 5 years of experience at social media strategy & management
  • Clear, established experience in managing social media channels for GetirYemek
  • A slight desire to all conventional things a bit differently. Not too differently though. Moderation is a nice term.
  • Remarkable English skills. ‘Global’ is also a nice term we like to use, and the brand should present itself incredibly well on the global stage.
  • Of course passion for good & tasty food! :)

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