We’re Getir, the pioneers of super-fast delivery. Our story can be divided into three elements: building an awesome people organization that drives this epic machine, making 10-minute grocery delivery possible by figuring out all of its intricacies, and scaling that business by getting people to embrace us.

The story of Getir dates back six years, when it first launched in Istanbul. After becoming the clear-cut market leader in our first market, we decided the global push was the next step. We recently launched in London, and have already set our eyes on the US market as well.
Innovative marketing, complemented with data-driven growth mechanisms is not just a necessity for winning. It’s our style. You should see how excited our founding team gets when the topic of marketing comes up. Our modus operandi is ‘always be growing’.
While we have amassed numerous marketing best practices throughout our years, we also recognize that unique markets merit unique marketing strategies. We’re in the US market both to bring our own techniques, but also to adapt and learn new ways that result in winning. Localising our brand and our marketing strategies while also maintaining that unique Getir element - fast, somewhat quirky, experience-driven - is incredibly important for us.

With this collective push into international expansion, the story of Getir enters its second chapter. A chapter in which we’re looking for a seasoned Head of Marketing who will bring their skills, experience, and humanity to join us in the US chapter of this adventure.
Disclaimer: this position isn’t a light or easy position. We’re looking for someone with extensive experience both in Marketing in the US and in overcoming business challenges.

What You’ll Do At Getir

  • Establish an awesome team. Lead and develop people in your team, quickly establishing a world-class Marketing Team that will bring about a resounding success in the US market.
  • Develop and execute upon a city-specific strategy to adapt the Getir brand to the awesome people of the United States.
  • Manage our mediums, both external and internal. The app may be digital but marketing isn’t limited to digital. We use ATL (TV, radio), BTL (outdoor), and more. Furthermore, our app is also our own medium, offering interesting possibilities for communication and partnerships.
  • Design and run campaigns, relentlessly. Optimise and re-run. Recruit and manage local agencies, and get the best out of the relationship. Collaborate with our FMCG partners to develop bespoke campaigns.
  • Collaborate directly with the Country GM, as well as the company’s Founders in the decision-making process for successful local marketing. Simply put, these people are looking for someone to challenge and convince them to do things differently for even better results.
  • Apart from Marketing, as one of the leaders within the team, voice your opinion regarding other matters related to the organization and the business. Especially be active in growth-related matters. Be at the table. Disagree when necessary. Support when necessary.
  • Find that perfect balance between understanding the customer and fulfilling their desires, while also surprising them with delightful experiences they didn’t even know they needed yet.
  • Beyond long-term strategies, always be ready to leverage opportunities in marketing and communications. Speed is our currency here at Getir. We decide quickly, often launching marketing campaigns in a fraction of the time compared to other, bigger organisations. Be ready to push the envelope and experience speed and urgency that you’re unlikely to have seen anywhere else.
  • Challenge both yourself, and the organization you’ll be a part of, as you face certain challenges throughout your career at Getir. We’re not a perfect organization, but we’ll always be honest and genuine as we strive to do the right thing.

What Getir Expects

  • You should have built and scaled consumer brands, ideally to millions of avid users in the US.
  • Extensive experience with dynamic campaign management, knowing when to pull which levers for whatever that moment’s target may be.
  • Life and career-related insights into the US market, including its people, its cultures and what form of communication people respond to. Know these like the back of your hand.
  • An extensive network within the marketing industry. The less intermediaries we need to get something done, the better. A solid network with agencies with an eye for brand communication is ideal.
  • A bias towards action. If possible, get it done. If not, reasonably push the subjective and imaginary boundaries to make it possible.
  • Excellent negotiation skills, especially considering we’ll do significant media buying to push the brand.
  • Hands-on experience with digital marketing, especially performance marketing.
  • Work both with creative agencies, but also with the production companies that turn strategy into media content. We’re pretty hands on.
  • Keep the pulse of your users. Always maintain a ROI-mindset.
  • Have fun while doing all of this. Work should ultimately be fun.