Business & Operational Development Manager

Getir differs from other tech startups because we bring together the worlds of technology, logistics, and instant retail. We get our hands dirty while producing technology. We are the global pioneer of the 10 minute instant delivery model.Yet, we never settle! If something’s ‘meh’ to us, we change that. Food should always be hot and delicious, wherever, whenever. We’re here to challenge the status quo.That’s why we are determined to change how we enjoy food with a new delivery model, GetirYemek. It’s a fast and tech-based food delivery service. Users get their food at Getir standards, with the best user experience, ready to be eaten and enjoyed.Being a superhero has its downsides too, you know.. This is why we are hiring for our already-awesome Business Development team with the desire that we make it even more awesome.

What You Will Do:

  • As a Business & Operational Development Manager, you will analyze key operational metrics regarding restaurants on Getir including optimizing workflows and minimizing waste. We aim for operational perfection in every product interaction we provide to our customers.
  • Understand how our product works and diagnose different business shortcomings derived from any possible reason – product, restaurants or customer.
  • Have a data minded approach and constructively criticize current way of doing things. Determine opportunities for improvement and act swiftly partnering with the Product, Data & Growth teams.
  • Follow real time data and dynamically take precautions and actions to solve possible crises.
  • Own optimization and execution by running tests and measuring the impact of changes on a weekly basis. Separate the essential from non-essential and strive for automatization of the process whenever logical.
  • Produce regular dynamic reporting on standard operational metrics.
  • Take growth-related projects from infancy to adulthood.
  • Disregard the existence of the box when finding solutions.
  • Protect the Getir brand and ensure all team members meet personal presentation standards.

What Do We Require:

  • Analyze first, action second! Proven track record for analytical skills
  • A personality that rejects and questions established practices
  • Excellent observation skills to identify bottlenecks & pain points
  • Willing to get your hands dirty
  • Open to new approaches and new ideas
  • Eagerness and qualification to overcome complex business problems
  • Proactivity and willingness to deal with fast-paced and uncertain environments
  • Strong communication skills for cross-functional management
  • Be a constant learner who always strive to push new knowledge into the team
  • An appetite for getting stuff done, taking matters into your own hands (literally) when necessary
  • Not a “can do” mindset, but rather a “will do” mindset
  • Wonderful organizational skills. You know these people who take the lead and organize all the stuff? You should be one of these.
  • Excellent crisis management and communication skills.
  • Enthusiasm for working in an imperfect dynamic startup environment
  • 7+ years of experience in management consultancy or strategic planning, preferably in a role where you designed or optimized operational processes
  • Experience partnering with cross-functional teams and 3rd party companies
  • If you have an experience in managerial positions and leadership skills
  • B.Sc. and/or M.Sc. in Engineering or related fields