Category Purchasing Specialist

About Getir

Getir is about making life easier and more enjoyable. Our unique model and value proposition put us on the forefront of mobile retail. At Getir, we like to grow fast. Our ambitions are simply big. To accomplish these big goals, we need to do a mix of big and small things so Getir reaches more people faster than it naturally would.

The goal is simple: to explains Getir’s extraordinary value proposition to our audience while boosting sustainable growth.

In that light, we’re looking for an experienced “Category Purchasing Specialist” to join us on this adventure.

Our unique product range spans from snacks to food, toiletries to cleaning products, pet food to beverages, fresh vegetables to phone chargers. More than a thousand different products have been sold through the Getir app, thanks to our procurement team.

While others call suppliers as suppliers, we call them partners here at Getir. How we procure the best items from our partners is an essential part of our business model. By negotiating win-win deals so far, we have added valuable products to our app while also helping our partners grow.

As our business grow, we are going to hire multiple talented humans to work with us in various categories throughout our procurement processes. (ex: water, food, perishables, etc.)

What will you do?

  • Find and add consumers’ favorite products to Getir’s product assortment.
  • Report, analyze and deliver KPI´s, such as ‘demand’ and ‘volume’. (You’ll hear these words A LOT)
  • Manage complex, quantitative and statistical analyses, combine them with your common sense and then come with smart conclusions and recommendations.
  • Build bridges between our wonderful Operations, Marketing, Logistics, Finance, and Supply Chain teams.
  • Maintain, and further develop, a win-win relationship with our supplier partners through supporting activities.

What you’ll need?

  • Amazing negotiation skills, so that you can build powerful relationships with our partners.
  • BA degree from a related department.
  • Min 1 years experience in category management for specialists.
  • You can apply if you are fresh graduate Food Engineer, Agricultural Engineer or Veterinary Surgeon.
  • We are looking for humans to work for fruits&vegetables, meat&poultry, dry food and non-food categories. So, experience in these categories will be a plus.
  • Wonderful organizational skills. You know these people who take the lead and organize all the stuff? You should be one of these.

Wow to have’s!

  • A good sense of humor.
  • 100+ Getir orders.
  • An allergy to the ‘comfort zone’.
  • Purple & Yellow as your favorite colors.
  • Willing to get your hands dirty.