Organizational Development & Talent Manager

It all comes down to people. The most successful companies in the world are at the end of the day, ridiculously awesome people organizations. By going out of their way to recruit the most talented people available, they are able to set the standards for others to try and emulate.

At Getir, we’re trying to set the standard for globally-ambitious startups from Turkey. Our team is already great, we can’t be humble and not share that, but the standard must consistently be set higher and higher to become the success story that we aspire to be.

Now that story started with a handful of Co-Founders sitting around a table talking about super-fast delivery, but the vast majority of the story has since been written by the 1500+ people we are lucky to refer to as “Getir People.”

The rest of the story remains unwritten. We’re looking for the people to write it, and the people whose primary duty will be to search left and right, far and wide, within and beyond to find the hundreds, if not thousands of people that will be a co-writer of the story of Getir.

If you are passionate about organizational development, innovative learning solutions, talent management and unique employee engagement strategies,

If you get excited by the idea of building things from ground up,

If you are fast enough to work at the speed of Getir,

If you have what it takes to make something great even greater,

And if you are willing to go the extra mile to put a smile on people’s faces,

This is the place for you!

Join our People team in creating organizational development strategies focused on supporting the fast-growing team of talented, resilient, and futuristic Getirians to reach their best potentials.


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